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Clarkson Law Corporation offers services to clients in family law cases and in estate law cases.  We offer a full range of services in both areas of law.  Our specific practice areas are listed below.

Brennan J. Clarkson has been assisting clients with family law matters for over ten years.  Separation and divorce are among life’s most stressful events, and family law is complex.  Get trusted, experienced legal counsel to help protect your interests.

Practice Areas

Divorce and Common-Law Separation

10 years' of expertise assisting clients with legal issues arising from divorce and common-law separation.

Division of Family Property and Family Debt

Experienced with all aspects of the law regarding family property and family debt, including business assets and excluded property claims.

Family Law Agreements

Whether it's a cohabitation agreement, prenuptial agreement, or postnuptial agreement, you want an agreement that plans for and protects your interests.

Parenting Arrangements

Get a parenting plan that is in your children's best interests.  

Spousal and Child Support

Get the right amount of spousal support and child support with our knowledgeable assistance.

Wills and Personal Planning

We can prepare wills, powers of attorney, representation agreements and other related documents.

Probate and Estate Administration

We assist executors applying for probate and we also represent estate beneficiaries who need legal representation in probate.

Committeeship / Adult Guardianship

“Adult guardianship” in British Columbia is called “committeeship”.  We can help you apply to become a “committee” of an adult who is unable to manage their own affairs.

Contesting and Varying Wills

We represent clients in cases involving the contested validity of a will.  We also represent clients in cases where someone is asking for the terms of a will to be changed, such as where a child has been disinherited.

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Clarkson Law Corporation is conveniently located in the heart of Port Moody: Suite 301, 220 Brew Street, Port Moody, BC, V3H 0H6.

Hear from our other clients:

“Just made me feel that [he was] trusted and looked after me and the best interests of the children.  Gave me direction and information to understand realistically what was the truth and bottom line so had knowledge of how to care for [the children] and do the best for them was a very stressful time but just felt relief when I was able to talk to [him].

“Considerate, kind, quick and resourceful. My family and I were incredibly lucky to have Brennan Clarkson by our side. Brennan understood the complexities of our case and was assured and forthright in dealing with our issues. Our case span over 3 countries and after having worked with so many lawyers in top firms I would definitely say Brennan was the best in terms of value and results. He is fierce. He gets the job done.”

“Very informative.  Considerate of our expectations, our needs and our budget.  Easy to get hold of for advice.  If we were to need a lawyer or legal advice again we would definitely come back to Brennan.”

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